Solar Pool Heaters Are Sustainable and Super Efficient

Pool heaters let you tweak water temperature for year-round fun and relaxation. Enjoy moderately cool pool water in the summer, or relish warmer pool water even during cooler weather. Solar pool heaters combine the best of multiple worlds, letting you heat pool water to your liking, save money and protect the environment.

Achieving Goldilocks Perfection

Cold pools provide relief from scorching weather, but too often a “cold pool” is synonymous with frigidly cold water, an all too familiar and unpleasant summer reality. You dip your toe in before taking a dive. Usually, the ice cold water shocks your system and takes getting used to. With a solar pool heater, you can transform frigidly cold water into Goldilocks perfection: water that is cold enough to beat the heat but not so icy that you freeze while trying to soak up the sun.

Harnessing Solar Power Saves Money

Traditional electric pool heaters… Read more

Where Should You Buy Your Kitchen Cabinets?


Perhaps you have just moved into a very old house. The cabinets are ugly and some of the doors are not opening correctly. If this is the case, you should have some new cabinets installed as soon as possible. Who will install these cabinets for you? Where will you buy them? These are questions that you need to take very seriously. Otherwise, you might end up buying some cabinets that you will be disappointed with later. There are many cabinet dealers you can choose from. Here is how you can decide which one you should do business with.

1. Talk to some of your loved ones to find out where they have purchased cabinets in the past.

You should start your search for cabinets by reaching out to the people in your life. Ask them if they have bought cabinets at any time during the last couple of years. You … Read more

The Joys of Home Redecorating

No matter how much you love the look and feel of your home, once in awhile it’s great to just go all out with a redecorating redo. Colors and textures have a real impact on how we feel, which is why it’s great to switch things up in a major way once in while. There’s really an art to choosing new things for the home, whether from a western furniture company or a great fabric or paint store. Yes, redecorating does involve some work, but the improvement in your personal lifestyle that comes with a freshly redone living space can be enormous.

Finding Decorative Inspiration

Today, with the advent of the Internet, there are numerous places online to find incredible decorating inspiration. Websites like and magazines like Vogue Interiors provide plenty of samples of great wall colors and furnishings that go beautifully with certain interior styles and textures. It’s … Read more