Tips to Building a Tiny Home that Accommodates Your Family Plans

Tiny houses have grown in popularity bigtime over the last couple of years, and more people are discovering the financial and carefree benefits of not having to worry over mortgages or suburban-house responsibilities. That said, you can build your own tiny house—but how? This article gives you some tips to inspire your inner architect.

Treat Your Tiny Home like Any Other Important Construction Project—Create a Budget, Outline, and List of Materials

Any house, including tiny homes, are still subject to thorough preparation and plans. They are still important undertakings. Ergo, you need to treat them with the same seriousness and preparedness that you would if you were building something bigger, like a traditional house. Come up with a budget for your materials, draw up an outline (with professional help if you need it), and make a list of things you need to make your tiny home functional and livable.

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How to Protect Your Pups from the Summertime Heat


Summertime heat can be unbearable sometimes, and that’s for humans. Can you imagine how your pup feels when those temperatures climb? Ugh! Poor canine companions! But good news—you can keep your doggies safe and well-protected from the summertime heat with a rundown read of this article how-to.

Keep your Dogs Indoors During the Hottest Hours of the Day, i.e. Mid-Day and Dusk

Pups are prone to overheating quickly. This is all-breed inclusive, but thick-haired canines are especially prone and in danger of becoming too hot. Hence, the biggest reason to keep your dogs indoors during those sweltering times of day, like mid-day and dusk.

Tip: Check your pups for ticks when they come in from outdoors. You should also use organic mosquito control around your yard to ensure you and your dogs are safe from bloodsucking pests.

Water, Water, and More Water—It’s ALL About Hydration When Summer Rolls Around

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3 Reasons to Screen Your Tenants

Choosing to rent out your property isn’t a decision you should make lightly. There are a lot of factors that you need to consider before taking on a tenant. Are you ready to be a landlord? Do you have a legally sound lease drafted? Do you know how to pick out the right tenant for a healthy landlord-tenant relationship?

That last question is perhaps the most important. If you don’t know how to find the right tenant, you’re in for an uphill battle when it comes to leasing your property. Here are a few reasons why it’s important to screen your tenants.

Understanding previous rental history

Before you even think about discussing a lease, it’s important to at least have a basic knowledge of your tenant’s previous rental history. Understanding your renter inside and out can clue you into a few key aspects of their behavior as a lessee. This … Read more