9 Tips For Wooden Houses Not Attacked By Termites

Has a cozy and charming wooden house, who would not? Warmer and cooler indoor temperatures, as well as a more artistic look are some of the advantages of wooden houses compared to other houses. But the problem comes when the rainy season arrives. Humid and wet temperatures are ideal conditions for termites to breed, and eat our favorite wooden houses. The walls, the pillars of the house, the ceiling, even the wooden household furniture none escaped his attacks.

In order not to regret, let’s take care of the wooden house carefully to avoid termite attack. Here’s how:

1. Protect the building

Anti-termite liquids should be sprayed regularly throughout the house. We do not know where termites will attack, then all the frames, roof trusses, wooden floors, ceilings, walls, etc. should be protected. If you do not understand how to use anti-termite, consult the experts.

2. Clean the drains regularly

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Advantages of Café Style Shutters

With or without curtains, café style shutters can be a great addition to your home. These shutters are versatile and complement any window be it large, small, with a bay or rectangular. By covering only the bottom section, they bring a balance between privacy and allowing just enough natural light to illuminate a room. Since they have many benefits and tend to bring in architectural design from Rome and Paris, cafe shutters are a popular choice amongst many homeowners, waiting rooms and offices.

Why café shutters?

It is easy to assume that just because café shutters cover only the lower part of a window they are a half set. However, these shutters are designed as a full set to allow daylight into your space while providing privacy from passersby. Their half characteristic will block out any distractions while allowing you to enjoy the outdoor scenery. Café shutters got its name … Read more

How To Keep The House Clean And Clear

Going through the options as a worker and a career or a housewife has different consequences. So also for those of us who choose to live both, become career women and housewives at once. Certainly it needs to be ingenious to set the time. Do not get busy in the office and at home make us so stressed.

The division of cleaning duties makes every inhabitant of the house partly responsible. Check out tips on how to set up a household chore here. Our Recommendations Paste your home work schedule in a place that is easy to see to always be a reminder. Colored paper makes it more prominent and hard to miss. The involvement of all family members in cleaning the house makes this work lighter. If you clean the house, do not forget to read the tips of tempat cuci piring more better and true.

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