How Much Do You Know About Modular Garages?

The history of garages is richer than one might think. All throughout the world, garages are built in various ways, with different features that makes them unique. Although often overlooked, the garage is an integral part of a home, as it is the last thing one sees in the morning when leaving for work, and the first thing when coming back after a long day.

Whether we’re talking about an attached or detached garage, or the type of roof or insulation, each garage has different characteristics that make it interesting. Often, it tends to be dismissed as a smile storage unit, which in turn can make it an unappealing place in the house, as owners end up taking less care of it. Cracks in the floor and yellowing of the surface are among the first problems that appear, and if the issues aren’t fixed the whole place ends up looking … Read more

Two Story Garage – The New Shared Car and Living Space

In the early 1700s the Charming Nancy, the first recorded ship, docked in Pennsylvania with many Amish families aboard. Many stayed in Pennsylvania and lived in large communities. The Amish people are noted to be the best craftsman in the country. Their work is based on dedicated work and their material consists of only the best elements.

The Amish community have set up many manufacturing shops and if they don’t make craft products themselves, they will contract-out to other quality manufacturers. A few Amish artisans also travel to construction sites where they use electric tools to further make the best products anywhere.

One product that has gained popularity is the two-floor garage concept. Imagine your vehicle parked on the bottom floor, you then climb a stairwell to a furnished second floor. The double storied building is detached from the home and which can be customized in a style that matches … Read more

9 Tips For Wooden Houses Not Attacked By Termites

Has a cozy and charming wooden house, who would not? Warmer and cooler indoor temperatures, as well as a more artistic look are some of the advantages of wooden houses compared to other houses. But the problem comes when the rainy season arrives. Humid and wet temperatures are ideal conditions for termites to breed, and eat our favorite wooden houses. The walls, the pillars of the house, the ceiling, even the wooden household furniture none escaped his attacks.

In order not to regret, let’s take care of the wooden house carefully to avoid termite attack. Here’s how:

1. Protect the building

Anti-termite liquids should be sprayed regularly throughout the house. We do not know where termites will attack, then all the frames, roof trusses, wooden floors, ceilings, walls, etc. should be protected. If you do not understand how to use anti-termite, consult the experts.

2. Clean the drains regularly

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