Simple Ways to Maintain Home & Environment Hygiene

Maintaining cleanliness around the house / residence or even at work can be done in a classic but effective way, by sweeping & mopping. Sweep to get rid of dust or dry rubbish, while swab to clean up the locations affected by wet trash. Disinfectants are needed after mopping to kill bacteria that may still stick on the floor. Here’s how to clean the house so that your family is free from disease germs and always healthy.

Throw garbage in its place

Throwing garbage in its place is a small thing but “difficult” done, until it finally can clog waterways, causing flooding. Disposing of waste in its place should also be differentiated according to its nature. The easiest is to distinguish organic and non-organic waste. Organic garbage is waste that comes from nature and easy to decompose by nature, such as foliage, banana skin, orange peel, and others. While non-organic … Read more