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When planted into toxic endophyte pastures, Renovation can help lessen the consequences of endophyte toxicity and contribute to overall herd well being. Renovation is an ideal companion legume for orchardgrass , perennial ryegrass , tall fescue , and other cool season grass, promising years of productivity. Renovation can also be planted into heat-season pastures, where it may act either as a short-lived perennial or a self-seeding annual, based on location and climate.

After discovering the faux marble on the stair, we tried to seek out out what’s painted underneath the wall paper. When we peeled the paper off the ceiling in the lobby we found this inexperienced paint with a stencil trim. The plaster repairs are obvious, however the stenciling was a pleasant surprise. Our decorator and architect imagine this stenciling isn’t unique, however was added throughout the Victorian period, so we’ll in all probability bury it once more underneath wallpaper, for another person to discover later.

The dining room at Oak Ridge was originally the back room of the house. In the early 20th century a room was added behind the dining room, which was converted into a kitchen in the Nineteen Sixties. The wallpaper within the dining room was a sublime Chinoise pattern with an 18 foot repeat of the pattern. The trim shade was that ubiquitous sea foam. There was a door made to the kitchen on one aspect, shown here.

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