Home Improvement (1991) For Rent On DVD (2)

Tool TimeOn September 17, 1991 the broadcasted pilot for ABC’s Home Improvement introduced millions of viewers to Tim Taylor, befuddled husband and father, and the effectively-meaning however mishap-inclined host of a house-restore present referred to as Tool Time. Home Improvement was an prompt hit with tv fans, finishing in the high 10 in ratings its first season 1st within the 1993-ninety four season—topping all different series.

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Al was Tim’s perpetually put-upon co-host on Tool Time, a frequent victim of Tim’s backfiring fixes in addition to jokes about his beard, flannel outfits, mom, and quite a few different things. Despite this, the 2 stay good buddies. Al will get married later within the series. And for some motive, the Wikipedia entry on Home Improvement characters on the time I’m writing this explicit part has a whopping 5 subsections for Al Borland. Someone likes their fictional TV associates/co-workers.

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