When Your Home Needs More Than a Remodel

Choosing between remodeling and room additions might seem difficult from the outset, but careful consideration of what you are trying to accomplish will give you the right answer. Below are a few reasons that a remodel might not be the exact solution you are looking for when it is extra usable space needed.

Adding a Bathroom

The addition of a bathroom to a home that has at least three bedrooms is sensible and will increase the marketability. There are rare times that you can squeeze a complete full bath into the house, but you may end up having to compromise and have a shower with no tub for lack of space. Going out can be the best way to get all of the amenities you desire in a bathroom.

Growing Family Bedroom Needs

Having a new baby, or bringing other family members into the home can end up causing an uncomfortable bedroom situation. Splitting a bedroom in half by merely adding a wall will offer a bizarre shape to both rooms and limit space. Adding a new bedroom will solve your bedroom difficulty for the next few years without having to purchase another, larger home. If you build an extra bedroom with a private entrance and 3/4 bath, it can be rented out to a trusted individual later on for additional income.

No Attic or Basement Space Available

Remodeling might be more cost-effective than building a complete addition, but it can be a tricky operation if there is no livable attic or basement space. Remodeling can help improve the looks and function of what you already have, but it does not always add square footage. Deciding whether to remodel or add an addition should be made after considering whether the extra changes you want demand space, and you are happy with losing a portion of the yard.

All Open Floor Space Is Being Used

Adding a family entertainment area can be impossible with current floor plans if you are using every space. A remodel will allow you to change a family room into a bedroom, or vice-versa, but the tradeoff is a loss of space. An addition is better if you need to retain the area you have right now.

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