Autumn Home Maintenance

There’s a new maintenance list for every season. Temperatures begin to drop as autumn arrives. Many of the autumn maintenance projects involve preparing your home for winter. Being diligent with your fall maintenance chore list can save you money and frustration both now and when winter sets in.

Inspect the Roof

Fall is a good time to inspect your roof. Look for loose or missing shingles. If you find problems, you should take the necessary steps to have your roof repaired before winter. The roof is the main source of protection for the interior of your home. Preventing water damage caused by a leaky roof is much easier on the budget than having the expense of paying for water damage that affects your home’s structure and its contents.

Check the Gutters

As those colorful autumn leaves fall, gutters can get clogged. Small twigs and other debris can get lodged in the gutter preventing water from flowing freely through the gutter and out the downspout. You’ll want to be sure to follow proper ladder safety if you clean the gutters yourself.

Lawn Maintenance

In order to have the lush lawn you love during the spring and summer, you’ll need to take care of your lawn in autumn. Fall leaf clean up st louis Mo involves removing leaves from your lawn as often as necessary. If you allow leaves to remain on your lawn, your grass may die. An accumulation of leaves on the lawn and walkways can be hazardous. Wet or frosty leaves are slippery and can cause you or someone else to fall.

Driveway and Walkway

Autumn is a good time to closely inspect your driveway and walkway. If you notice cracks, it is best to repair them before winter arrives. The cold temperatures and winter precipitation can make the problem worse.

Autumn isn’t all about chores. It’s also a good time to add fall décor to your landscape. With an outdoor fireplace or firepit you can continue entertaining friends and enjoying family time outside.