Common Problems With Furnaces And Heating Systems

Virtually every single home across the United States has a central heating system. However, it’s safe to say that all residences in the United States have either a central heating system or or furnace to keep their occupants warm. Just like all appliances, furnaces and heating systems break down from time to time. Although regular maintenance prevents the majority of heating repair issues in modern homes, most people choose to forego such regular servicing of furnaces and central heating systems as a convenient option in the interim but a more expensive and time-consuming option in the long run. Here are several problems that furnaces and modern heating systems found in residences experience.

Does Your Electric-Powered Heater Keep Turning Off?

Although this would never happen with wood-fired stoves, electric heaters and central heating systems sometimes turn off before they’ve heated entire houses or even individual rooms to homeowners’ satisfaction. The most common fix for this issue is to clean off the thermostat using compressed air or air blown straight from your lungs.

Smell Something Burning? You Might Need A New Filter

If your electric furnace or central heating system is on and something smells like it’s on fire, you should immediately turn them off and clean their filters. It shouldn’t be very difficult to clean reusable heater filters, though they often aren’t reusable and need to be replaced with new filters. As such, you should purchase clean heater filters as soon as possible and replace them.

Loud Noises?

Heaters that put out loud noises when operating could stem from a variety of issues. First, make sure the heater’s vents are fully cleared. Next, look to the heater’s burner and make certain that it’s not dirty. If that doesn’t fix the problem, you might need professional help.

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