Dupage County Sump Pump Replacement Tips

It’s not a monumental task to replace a sump pump. However, it’s something you should try to do before you reach a point where your old one has completely failed. If you are seeing signs that your sump pump is no longer working as efficiently as possible or the one you have has been around for more than a decade (the average lifespan of most pumps), here are some tips to keep in mind as you prepare to select a replacement pump.

Select Your Preferred Pump

The general recommendation is to go with the same type of pump you already have when considering your options with Dupage County sump pump replacement. A submersible pump rests in a hole in the basement or crawlspace floor. The motor is housed separately in a waterproof enclosure. With a pedestal pump, the motor is above the water and the impeller, which pushes the water, is in the pit.

Consider Cost and Power Ratings

A standard pump, which is 1/3 horsepower, can move about 2,000 gallons of water per hour. This is a good choice if you only have occasional flooding to deal with. The cost of standard pumps is usually $200 or less. If you regularly deal with flooding, consider upgrading to a 1/2 hp pump. These models, which typically fall in the $150-300 price range, can move about 3,000 gallons of H2O per hour. The most powerful pumps are 3/4 hp models that can move as much as 5,000 gallons of water each hour.

Weigh Your Option with Backup Systems

The purpose of a backup system is to keep your sump pump working if a storm that results in flooding happens to knock the power out. You can go with a rechargeable battery pack. Some newer sump pump models have a battery backup system already included. Another option is to go with a second pump that’s battery powered. This option is also appealing because the second pump will also kick in if the primary pump needs some help handling excess water or if it breaks down.

Yes, Dupage County sump pump replacement can sometimes be a do-it-yourself job. Even so, there are some very good reasons to consider hiring a professional to handle your replacement project. For instance, a pro can identify other parts and components that may need attention, like electrical wiring and discharge pipes. They can also offer advice on whether or not you may want to consider upgrading to a different type of pump.