How to Protect Your Pups from the Summertime Heat


Summertime heat can be unbearable sometimes, and that’s for humans. Can you imagine how your pup feels when those temperatures climb? Ugh! Poor canine companions! But good news—you can keep your doggies safe and well-protected from the summertime heat with a rundown read of this article how-to.

Keep your Dogs Indoors During the Hottest Hours of the Day, i.e. Mid-Day and Dusk

Pups are prone to overheating quickly. This is all-breed inclusive, but thick-haired canines are especially prone and in danger of becoming too hot. Hence, the biggest reason to keep your dogs indoors during those sweltering times of day, like mid-day and dusk.

Tip: Check your pups for ticks when they come in from outdoors. You should also use organic mosquito control around your yard to ensure you and your dogs are safe from bloodsucking pests.

Water, Water, and More Water—It’s ALL About Hydration When Summer Rolls Around

Dogs need proper hydration to keep themselves healthy and cool in the summer months. Well, actually anytime, but summertime is most important because those are the months when dehydration deaths in dogs are at an all-time high.

What should you do? Alongside keeping your dogs indoors, they should have at least a 32-ounce filled water bowl at their disposal throughout the day. For big dogs that drink like buffaloes, you might need to refill the bowl once or twice on particularly sweltering summer days.

Pro Tip: Throw a few ice cubes in your pup’s water dish for an extra hydration chill in every sip.

Keep Fans and the AC Turned on in Your Home—Air Circulation Helps!

Air circulation is awesome for humans and animals alike when those summer days come back around. Before summer hits, check that your AC is in tip-top shape. You can also supplement on particularly hot days with box fans in one or two rooms of the house. Just get the air moving to keep yourself and your pups cool and safe from the blaring heat.

Avoid the No-Brainer Hazards, i.e. No Hot Cars, No Hot Sidewalks, and No Direct Sunshine

This section is a no-brainer but that doesn’t keep people from doing every single hazard on this list. For someone smart, like yourself, you know not to leave your dogs in hot cars, not to walk them on hot sidewalks, and to avoid leaving them in direct sunshine. Each of these could result in seizures and death if pushed to the maximum. Just don’t do them. Be smarter than that.