Kent Air Purifiers, the best brand for your home

Nothing is pure these days. The water we drink, the food we eat, the air we breathe in- everything is contaminated. That is why the demand for different kinds of purifiers is increasing day by day. The air we breathe is contaminated by different kinds of germs and microbes. The pollution is increasing and that is making the air unsuitable for breathing. So, air purifiers are the new saviours. Since the level of pollutants and contaminants in the air is increasing every day, we all want the best air purifier in India. These air purifiers purify the air and filter out the germs and then let out the fresh air that we take in.

With so many brands manufacturing air purifiers these days, it is tough to pick one. But where your health is concerned, you would want to pick the best air purifier in India for yourself and your family. Talking about the best, you would want to invest in brands that you trust in. When it comes to brands you trust the most for your purification needs, Kent is the name that immediately pops up in your mind. Be it water purifiers or air purifiers, Kent leads the market and no other brand can do it like Kent.

How Do Kent Air Purifiers Work?

The Kent air purifiers use the HEPA technology to clean the air. In this technology, the air purifiers use a filter that has a very fine sieve like element attached to it. When the air passes through this filter, all the germs dirt, viruses and microbes get trapped in the pores of the sieve and the air that comes out is fresh and free from contaminant. Kent’s HEPA filters also filters out the PM 2.5 particle that is seen as the most dangerous pollutant that humans can breathe in.

Even apart from the HEPA technology, Kent air purifiers have built in ionisers that you can switch on or off at your convenience. These ionizers further trap in the dust and allergens from the air when it passes through, thus double purifying the air and giving you the best form of air to breathe. For people living near industrial areas or in cities that have a high smog level, Kent air purifiers come as blessings in disguise with this double purification technology.

Kent air purifiers also come in with an additional indicator that you can place in your room. This indicator shows the pollution level in the room, which is measured in PM. It is as small as an alarm clock, that makes it super portable to carry around and be placed anywhere in the room. The best part about the Kent purifiers is that they are less noisy than other brands, so that you can have a peaceful sleep.

With all these features and the goodwill that Kent has in the market, you can be assured of bagging the best air purifier in India. Breathe the Kent style and move towards a healthier version of you this year!