Liven up the Garage With Tips From the Professionals

The garage isn’t the first room that you think of when renovations are in mind. It’s typically a darkened space meant for storage and the occasional vehicle. Turn this thinking around because the garage can be much more than just an eyesore. Liven it up with these clever ideas from the experts.

Use the Wall Space

The garage’s walls may be bare and boring. Make them a functional part of the space by adding shelves and hooks. Draw a sketch of how the walls should look. Consider items that can be put away on the walls, from bikes to small canisters. Adding as many items to the walls as possible will free up floor space that can be used for other purposes.

Look to the Floor

A basic, garage floor is usually made out of concrete. Think about finishing the concrete with designs or stains. You might click here to learn more about the concrete-design process. Permanent etchings in the concrete will remain there as vehicles move in and out of the area. Anyone who encounters the design will be amazed at its contribution to the home’s aesthetic.

Consider Insulation

The majority of homes don’t have insulated garages. You may want to rethink this trend, however, because an insulated garage adds value. The home will retain its conditioned air through the seasons, which saves you money on every bill around the property.

Update the Garage Door

The garage’s interior may look spectacular, but the door is several decades old. Update the garage door whenever you have some extra funds. Most doors are made of steel with a roll-up design. It’s also a good time to update the opener. These investments will make a difference in the garage’s appearance.

If your garage is also home to the laundry system or hot-water heater, be sure to check on the plumbing supporting these items. You don’t want any leaks occurring just after a renovation to the surroundings. Every pipe and valve should be free from any leaks. Your garage will be a fascinating space to live and work in as a result.