Solar Pool Heaters Are Sustainable and Super Efficient

Pool heaters let you tweak water temperature for year-round fun and relaxation. Enjoy moderately cool pool water in the summer, or relish warmer pool water even during cooler weather. Solar pool heaters combine the best of multiple worlds, letting you heat pool water to your liking, save money and protect the environment.

Achieving Goldilocks Perfection

Cold pools provide relief from scorching weather, but too often a “cold pool” is synonymous with frigidly cold water, an all too familiar and unpleasant summer reality. You dip your toe in before taking a dive. Usually, the ice cold water shocks your system and takes getting used to. With a solar pool heater, you can transform frigidly cold water into Goldilocks perfection: water that is cold enough to beat the heat but not so icy that you freeze while trying to soak up the sun.

Harnessing Solar Power Saves Money

Traditional electric pool heaters suck up tons of energy, which quickly amounts to a hefty electric bill. Why bother with heating your pool if doing so burns straight through your extra money? Efficiency and economy are atop the list of reasons in favor of solar pool heaters. Plus, the bright days of summer and winter provide many opportunities for your solar pool heater to absorb and store the sun’s clean energy.

Solar Pool Heaters Are Delightfully “Green”

Never mind complicated political discussions about global warming. It goes without saying that it’s a great idea to do whatever you can to decrease your individual carbon footprint. Less reliance on traditional electrical machinery means less reliance on the dirty energy required to generate electricity. Plus, solar pool heaters have an average lifespan of three to four decades, which makes for decades of comfortable poolside fun in your backyard. Explore solar pool heaters pittsburgh today.