The Service of Cleaning Service at Home and Office


Live Clean Today is a team of clean professionals who have a wealth of experience, responsible and dedicated cleaning of residential and commercial properties since 2008 using clean and natural cleaning products.

Natural Product

Cleanliness is the main thing in every home. Instead, cleaning the house is done regularly so as not too heavy work. To make things easier, many people choose chemical cleaning products. But keep in mind that chemical products have side effects that can be harmful if accidentally inhaled or in direct contact with the skin. Live Clean Today all the ingredients used are natural and safe for your health and the environment, in addition to using recycled packaging for environmentally friendly

Full Service

House or Office and property hygiene is a must for big city dwellers who are busy with their work activities, so they use home professional cleaning services or office cleaning services and dedicated in the field of hygiene. Live Clean Today is very committed to customer satisfaction. If anyone is not satisfied with the service at your home and your office, just call and within 24 hours after the service has finished Live Clean Today will send the team back to fix the problem for no cost. Because Live Clean Today respects each of your privately owned properties, and Live Clean Today will clean and maintain and treat it as it is on its own. At Live Clean Today all work and live with the motto, “Do to others as you would have done to you.”

Our high standards have created long-term, harmonious relationships with family, business and all related services. Coming up in uniform, with cleaning supplies, smiles, and attitudes that make you honor are part of the service and everyday carrying out duties and obligations wherever they are.