The Signs That You Have Mold in Your House

Perhaps, you have noticed that members of your household are sneezing, have runny eyes, and are experiencing nasal congestion. These are allergy symptoms. These are also symptoms that point to a mold issue in the home. Often, the people in the home notice that those annoying symptoms, stop the minute that they leave the residence and return the moment that they return to their home. Most consumers experience a problem with mold at least once in their home-ownership years. The best advice is to contact a residential mold removal Johnson City TN company for immediate mold removal services.

Signs You Have Mold In Your House

There are at least seven very prevalent signs that you have a mold infestation. Therefore, look carefully at the following list. If you experience more than one, it is a definite sign that mold is present, and this problem should be addressed promptly.

  • One sign of mold is a strange smell in the area
  • You might notice small patches of something that looks like dirt growing in dark or damp areas
  • If you have leaking pipes or leaks in the ceiling, look for mold developing in the area
  • Flooding in the basement area might lead to mold development
  • Heavy condensation in areas around the home might point to mold development

What Causes Mold In The Home

Mold is alive and growing. However, it requires certain conditions in the home to thrive successfully. First, mole spores have to be present in the home. The mold requires something to feed on. Generally, this is the drywall or the wood that is nearby. Mold also requires a dark area that also receives heat. Mold will not grow in a cold area. For example, an unheated attic or a cold basement. Remember, mold is a growing medium and also requires oxygen and moisture. You will find that mold thrives in an area with moisture. For example, near leaky pipes or a leak in a ceiling. However, if you do not have leaks or moisture present in the home, mold will not grow, even if the other conditions are present.

How To Prevent Mold

The fact is that mold requires a number of factors to grow and thrive in the home. They include wet conditions, a food source, humidity, darkness, oxygen. Still, it is important to remember that mold requires moisture to develop and grow. Therefore, the main way to stop mold development in the home is to eliminate moisture. Go through the home, looking for leaks in pipes, ceilings, roofs, walls, faucets, or showers. These are generally the sources of leaks. Make haste to fix those leaks before mold develops.

Once you notice the mold, it might have been developing in the home for a very long time. Therefore, it is important to contact a mold removal service for immediate remedy of the situation. If you would like to know about the causes and remedies for mold, contact a professional.