Tips to Building a Tiny Home that Accommodates Your Family Plans

Tiny houses have grown in popularity bigtime over the last couple of years, and more people are discovering the financial and carefree benefits of not having to worry over mortgages or suburban-house responsibilities. That said, you can build your own tiny house—but how? This article gives you some tips to inspire your inner architect.

Treat Your Tiny Home like Any Other Important Construction Project—Create a Budget, Outline, and List of Materials

Any house, including tiny homes, are still subject to thorough preparation and plans. They are still important undertakings. Ergo, you need to treat them with the same seriousness and preparedness that you would if you were building something bigger, like a traditional house. Come up with a budget for your materials, draw up an outline (with professional help if you need it), and make a list of things you need to make your tiny home functional and livable.

Seriously Consider the Future of Your Family. Will You Be Having More Children? Are Your Kids Still Babies or Toddlers? Etc.

With tiny homes, you have to map out your future years, or even decades, in advance. Do you plan on having children? Or more children if you already have one? Are your kids still in the baby or toddler stages? Do you plan on having several indoor pets? What are the must-haves for you and your spouse?

Think about all of this. You need enough space to accommodate a growing family, growing children, and anything you and your sweetheart might need.

Are You Still Planning on Entertaining Friends Sometimes? Build a Deck with Comfortable Built-in Benches for Summer BBQs

Some people are forever super-social. If you are one of them, you will probably want to entertain friends. So, account for that in your tiny home construction. You can either build an extra sitting room in your tiny house. Or, better than that, build a deck that could be enclosed for cold weather. Include comfortable furniture, a mosquito screen for summertime, and some BBQ supplies for cookouts.

Tip: In considering entertaining your friends, you should also take land in consideration. If you want your tiny house on wheels, then a deck isn’t a good idea because they can’t be easily taken anywhere. However, if you plan to stay where you are, make sure you get enough land and landscape supplies Washington County OR to accommodate get-togethers.