When Selling Your House Gets Tough

Real estate is a great investment. A place to call your own for so many years. At the time of initial purchase, it seemed like somewhere you could live forever, but then your life changed, the financial situation changed, or the area changed and now you find that you are losing money on your investment. Sometimes you feel you need to sell your home. The struggles to sell your home could include not being able to find buyers, not having the right agent, not selling for a realistic price.

Can’t Find Buyers

The selling and purchasing of property strongly depend on the market. There are a buyer’s market and a seller markets as well as a time for renters and purchasers. If you are not selling in the right season, your home could be on the market for months and potentially for years. When trying to sell your house you want to make sure you exhaust all marketing avenues to get the word out that your house is on the market and especially get the word out to potential buyers who may not be aware it’s for sale. Make sure to spruce up the house, any scuff marks on dirty looks or rough lawn can be a turn-off, so you want to make sure the house looks inviting as a purchase. Be sure to place pictures on your ads. Capture the best angles and make sure there’s ample lighting. Well-lit places are generally more inviting. Good clear photos show the potential buyer exactly what to expect if they’re interested in coming to see it.

Don’t Have the Right Agent

You might say all agents are money driven, but some agents are money driven only. They will sign on with you and nod their head but from the initial commission number, they’ve already decided that they are not going to put forth the effort in making the sale for you. It is not worth their time and energy. Real Estate being sold by a relaxed agent can sit forever. They will drag their feet and come back and tell you to reduce the price or that there is simply no interest out there for your property. To cut out the middleman, it may be necessary to go to a home buying company that can cut out the waiting game. When I needed to sell my house fast I contacted a home buying agency.

Selling Price Unrealistic

When selling your home. It is important to have it priced at the right amount. To do this, you must check the comparative sales in your neighborhood. How much was the last home sold in your area going for? Was it the same size as yours? How much does your county have your price listed at for value? I know your goal is to get a profit or at a minimum break even on your home, however, you must know your potential buyer will get an appraisal and they will not want to pay much more than the current value of the home. Be prepared to sell based on your most recent upgrades or any long-standing improvements that will continue to add value to the home over time.


Think of a potential sale when you initially buy your home. Is it a place you plan to invest in? If not, is it a place that you could turn around and sell as is tomorrow? Consider how hard it will be to get out of the home if you find you aren’t happy. that way you can be prouder of your purchase. If you do find you need to see your home, make you do your due diligence and look out for potential delays, such as no buyers, passive agents and selling price adjustments.