Advantages And Disadvantages of Wooden Houses

Wooden house, a house that is quite unique that we rarely see today, in contrast to the past in the early 90s, wooden houses are often built. As the development of the present era of wooden houses slightly abandoned, losing trends with materials of brick and cement. Houses with a majority of wood has a high artistic value and not easy to design it. Nevertheless some people who own wooden houses today have an impression and pride themselves.

Excess Wooden House

Not only unique, wooden houses have an advantage over ordinary houses today. Wooden house is quite suitable you build in the cool air or cold, because the wood is able to function as a heat retardant. Making a wooden house has a fairly unified impression with nature. Design of wooden houses that have high artistic value will catapult the resale price so it can be used as an investment tool. Another advantage is that wooden houses are more easily renovated than concrete houses.

Lack of Weakness Wooden House

The basic thing before you build this wooden house you need to know is. The design of wooden houses is quite a risk to fire because the wood itself is a kind of combustible material. Therefore, when doing the initial design, kitchen should be an important element to note. Homeowners should also know the kinds of wood used to build their houses, including the advantages and disadvantages of wood used.

In addition, the cost of making this wooden house is not small, given the increasing number of wooden days. And also in designing not easy, compared with concrete house. Wooden houses usually put forward the artistic, classical and natural values. In Indonesia itself, the manufacture of wooden houses that functioned as a dwelling quite a bit, the average wooden house made for a resting place and recreation like a villa so.

So, please think about it if you want to build a house with the main material of wood.

Modern Minimalist House Design Tips To Be Elegant

To provide the best appearance for your modern minimalist home design look, of course, necessary shrewdness in the interior of the house is minimalist. Minimalist house that usually only has a straight vertical view or a straight horizontal, would be impressive monotonous if not polished with interesting variations.

Such as a minimalist view of your living room memorable monotonous, of course you can put a dominant painting to eliminate the impression of emptiness in the views of your minimalist living room. To give the impression of modern choose furniture with a multi functional style to give the impression that you are really people who really appreciate the efficiency of a room plus like something super creative. Of course it will be an interesting house and modern impression.

So on to give the interior appearance of modern minimalist home interior to impress elegant, for example you can choose your main door of house with super design of luxury with accessories at its doors. Of course this will be a perfect blend when you have to give a touch of ethnic nuance to your minimalist home. So the combination of classic and modern design becomes your prestigious home. Good idea when it comes to combine a minimalist home with modern design today, That’s a glimpse of the advantages and disadvantages of a minimalist home. Hopefully inspire