Advantages of Café Style Shutters

With or without curtains, café style shutters can be a great addition to your home. These shutters are versatile and complement any window be it large, small, with a bay or rectangular. By covering only the bottom section, they bring a balance between privacy and allowing just enough natural light to illuminate a room. Since they have many benefits and tend to bring in architectural design from Rome and Paris, cafe shutters are a popular choice amongst many homeowners, waiting rooms and offices.

Why café shutters?

It is easy to assume that just because café shutters cover only the lower part of a window they are a half set. However, these shutters are designed as a full set to allow daylight into your space while providing privacy from passersby. Their half characteristic will block out any distractions while allowing you to enjoy the outdoor scenery. Café shutters got its name from café curtains in Europe. It was over here where the café owners created a window setting that is both sophisticated yet functional.

Advantages of using café style shutters:

Add a unique style

Café style shutters are available in different shapes, finishes, sizes, and color. They will not limit you to a particular design; instead, they help add a French element to your home. You can use café style shutters to give an elegant look and to to reflect country cottage or Victorian era.

Draw attention to your windows

The design of café style shutters will accentuate your windows and make your house or building stand out. They are a great addition to kitchens and living rooms that are facing a busy street. That way you can do your tasks while enjoying privacy and still have the freedom to look out whenever you want. In the upper section of these shutters, you can add decorative glass to enhance the visual appeal of your windows.

Ideal for bay windows

Café style shutters are ideal for bay windows since they make use of the space. Contemporary and homes built in Victorian-era tend to have large bay windows which can be challenging trying to find a window covering that is chic. Custom made café shutters will provide a neat and tidy look while maintaining privacy and the interesting aspect of the window.

Easy to incorporate

Café shutters can fit with any décor. They will seamlessly integrate with the interior decoration in the living room, dining room, kitchen, and sunroom. You can leave them closed at all times, and you will still let in sunlight. If you need more privacy, you can drape beautiful curtains on either side of the shutter.

Whether in a kitchen, bathroom or dining area, these shutters are a perfect addition to any room. The half-height style of the shutters will let in natural light during the day while still giving you the outside view. The various advantages are what makes café style shutters the best covering solution for windows.