For many, the thought of keeping a clean home is beyond what their mind’s eye can realistically see

For many, the thought of keeping a clean home is beyond what their mind’s eye can realistically see. However, the key is to make time for it. By spending thirty minutes a day on cleanliness, it’s possible to maintain an immaculately clean home. Consider these three ways you can get started.

1. Clean all of the surfaces.

The key is to be proactive. If you’ve used the kitchen, clean as you go. If you’d rather wait until you’ve finished preparing the meal, that’s fine too. Before you go to bed each night, go through the areas with a lot of traffic and wipe down the surfaces. Clean the custom ceramic tiles in the kitchen and the sinks in the bathrooms. If you use a microfiber towel and a surface cleaner in each room, it’ll be easier to keep the place looking and feeling clean.

2. Purify the air.

AIr purification is one of those elements that so many people are clueless about. The assumption is that if you plug in an air freshener, that’ll clean the air. In fact, it’s best to use a host of tools. Take care of indoor plants. Add one plant to a room as plants are natural air purifiers. Open the windows for at least fifteen minutes every day in order to freshen out the space and allow the air to circulate. If it’s the wintertime, just focus on cracking the window open. Essential oils are amazing for killing germs, shifting your mood and improving your health. Knowing this, purchase an essential oil diffuser. Use different blends to improve the scent in the home. Essential oils are also great because they’re natural, and they don’t add toxic chemicals into the environment.

3. Consistently declutter.

Make sure that every item has an assigned space just like your car in a parking lot. It’s easy to allow clutter to pile up when you’re not intentional about keeping everything neat and clean. As you get home and go to the mailbox, sort through the mail immediately. Don’t allow items to pile up. Never allow dishes to gather in the sink. Even if you rinse them off and place them in the dishwasher, they’re in a better spot.