How To Keep The House Clean And Clear

Going through the options as a worker and a career or a housewife has different consequences. So also for those of us who choose to live both, become career women and housewives at once. Certainly it needs to be ingenious to set the time. Do not get busy in the office and at home make us so stressed.

The division of cleaning duties makes every inhabitant of the house partly responsible. Check out tips on how to set up a household chore here. Our Recommendations Paste your home work schedule in a place that is easy to see to always be a reminder. Colored paper makes it more prominent and hard to miss. The involvement of all family members in cleaning the house makes this work lighter. If you clean the house, do not forget to read the tips of tempat cuci piring more better and true.

Some homework we can sometimes set when to do it. For example busy routine preparing breakfast, cooking or washing dishes. But there are times when all work comes together and makes us panic because we want to finish everything. In order for you to enjoy doing homework, try to refer to the following tips.

Realistic schedule

The busyness of each family member often becomes an obstacle in planning a house cleaning service. Therefore, the cleaning schedule you make should not be too ambitious. Consider each task to adjust to reality. Divide the household tasks according to the capabilities of every resident. You can rotate these tasks periodically if necessary.

Try to make a list of homework on a regular basis every day. By making this schedule, you will be more calm doing homework and give priority to the more important and urgent. To make it easier, you can install it in the room or in the kitchen and mark on some specific work that must be completed soon. If you can, you can also make a reminder on the phone or other gadgets to remind you. For example at 11:30 pm time to pick up the child from school. 3 pm it’s time to bathe the little guy and so on.

Do it Now

Sometimes we panic with work because they like to procrastinate work. So before you relax and chat with friends on the phone or discuss work through WA or BBM apps, try the lyrics first homework. When you suddenly have to leave you remain calm leaving the house in a tidy state and food is available for family members

Arrange the schedule by area

Depending on the size of the house, you can arrange a schedule to clean the areas in the house alternately. Different areas can mean different floors, different spaces, or different furniture. You can hand over the responsibility of clearing one area to one family member.

Take advantage of technology

In addition to using home hygiene kits to help complete household chores, take advantage of technological sophistication. One of them is an application for mobile phones that register household tasks at once can be a reminder. Thus you can monitor any tasks that have been and have not been completed. Some applications can also be accessed by several people at once so that each family member knows the responsibility of each.

Don’t Hesitate Requesting Assistance

Another common problem women often feel bad about asking for help, including homework. So, do not hesitate to ask your husband for help with homework. For example when you prepare dinner, do not hesitate to ask for help husband keep the little guy or the eldest doing homework. When the kids are older, involve them to help you get the job done to get things done.

Don’t Forget Rest

Do not let you forget your body’s right to rest. You can rest a few minutes before continuing with the next job. But do not be too long. The longer delay will make us more lazy to continue the work.