Two Story Garage – The New Shared Car and Living Space

In the early 1700s the Charming Nancy, the first recorded ship, docked in Pennsylvania with many Amish families aboard. Many stayed in Pennsylvania and lived in large communities. The Amish people are noted to be the best craftsman in the country. Their work is based on dedicated work and their material consists of only the best elements.

The Amish community have set up many manufacturing shops and if they don’t make craft products themselves, they will contract-out to other quality manufacturers. A few Amish artisans also travel to construction sites where they use electric tools to further make the best products anywhere.

One product that has gained popularity is the two-floor garage concept. Imagine your vehicle parked on the bottom floor, you then climb a stairwell to a furnished second floor. The double storied building is detached from the home and which can be customized in a style that matches your home.

Two story Amish garages can be made from wood, vinyl, or clapboard. You can design a single car model or prefabs for 2 to 4 vehicles in a workshop, maxi-barn, or saltbox style. There are also double wide garage features in a workshop model.

A garage which is two story in design serves as an extra room for family members, a home office or studio, a mother-in-law apartment or for extra income a rental living space.

A second floor is great for hobbyists who once shared their tools and equipment with the bottom floor cars. After all many Fortune 500 businesses started in a garage.

With another level to your garage, you can organize your workshop equipment upstairs and work above your car rather than moving the car out each time you want to use the garage for your hobby or workshop projects.

For a two story garage, added options can include siding, varied roofing styles, windows/shutters, weathervanes, awnings, and more. Also, would you like a traditional vertical door or would you like a French door, the options are yours.

Electrical options can be obtained as part of a package deal for including a kitchen and bathroom. You can have as many rooms in your multi-floor garage as you want depending on the garage size. Many detached multi-floor garage models can have up to three bedrooms.

The history of varied garage buildings as a separate structure began in the 1940s and the 1950s due to the length, width, and number of newer cars. In the 1960s more than half of U.S. homes had attached garages. During the 2000s, 80{06d20de2ced542175828071b986cd65550f6ae88fce289b807e18be6ad3b80da} of all homes had both attached and detached garages.

Double storied garages by Amish builders typifies a quick turn around and a fast install. You will not have to go through a lengthy construction process. Just prepare your permit paperwork, show the construction company where you want the garage placed and they will do the rest.


Multi-storied garages have so many uses that its popularity has reached around the globe. The garages are so well constructed and designed that they look like mini-houses with all the amenities of the main house.